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Alice Emergency Dentistry - Cracked Tooth & More - Urgent Dental Care

Dental emergencies are sudden events that threaten the health of your smile. In order to be prepared for them, you need a dental practice that can resolve your emergency needs. Vela Loftin Dental Center provides emergency dentistry in Alice, Orange Grove, San Diego, and the surrounding communities. If you are experiencing a dental emergency, call us immediately.

What Is a Dental Emergency?

A dental emergency is any situation where the tooth becomes damaged, is lost, or is otherwise causing you a lot of pain. Any injury to the face, advanced tooth decay, or cracks resulting from teeth grinding can all create the level of damage that causes persistent oral pain.

Dental emergencies require immediate treatment, in order to do the most to save the natural tooth. The tooth cannot survive long if it is severely decayed or damaged, or if it has been knocked out of the smile in some manner. Dr. Vela and Dr. Loftin provide care once you visit our office.

Our Emergency Services

When you call Vela Loftin Dental Center for a dental emergency, you are scheduled for an appointment within the next 24 hours. Our staff will also give you information on how to best preserve your tooth during that time frame.

Once you are in the operatory, our dentists will examine your smile to find the cause of the pain and will perform a variety of procedures to save your harmed teeth. If the pain is a result of tooth decay reaching your tooth’s inner pulp, then root canal therapy can alleviate that discomfort and remove the decay. A tooth that has been cracked or chipped may be better off receiving a crown for structural support. If your tooth had been knocked out of the smile, then our dentists can replant it.

All of these procedures are very likely to save the injured tooth, so that more extensive treatment is not necessary in the future. However, in some circumstances, a tooth simply cannot be saved. In these cases, we also offer a variety of restorative options to help replace missing teeth.

Call Us for Your Emergency Needs

Vela Loftin Dental Center offers emergency dental services throughout our community. If you would like to find out the other ways we help our patients stay health, call our practice today. 


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