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Teeth Extractions in Alice, TX - Simple, Impacted & Wisdom Tooth Removal

In certain circumstances, your oral health is best served by removing a tooth from the smile. Our practice is able to help throughout this process by providing direct care when we can and coordinating treatment with partnered dental practices. Loftin Dental Center provides teeth extractions in Alice and the surrounding communities.

Severe Decay

One of the most common ailments to affect a smile is decay. In most circumstances, tooth decay can be treated by a variety of treatments. Dental fillings restore small cavities, crowns seal and reinforce a tooth after more extensive cavity, and root canal therapy removes the infection caused by cavities when the decay reaches the inner systems of a tooth.

Unfortunately, these treatments are not always able to be successful. The failure of previously treated teeth can occur for a number of reasons. In order to protect your smile, our Alice dental practice extracts this tooth. The rest of your smile can be free of decay and the subsequent health problems it causes.

Cracked Teeth

Certain injuries to the face can lead to one or more teeth becoming fractured. The broken structure of the tooth gives the bacteria that cause decay direct access to all layers of the tooth.

While fissures in the teeth can sometimes be treated with the application of a crown, if the crack reaches the roots or is too big to seal, then it will become necessary to extract the tooth before infection and discomfort occur. Loftin Dental Center can save you from the health problems of decay by preemptively removing the tooth.

Tooth Impaction

When teeth erupt, they do not always do so upright. They sometimes emerge at an angle and get partially trapped beneath the gum line; otherwise, the tooth may not erupt at all. This can happen to any tooth, although it is particularly common with wisdom teeth. This condition is called tooth impaction, and it can cause a variety of oral health problems.

Impacted teeth have to be extracted to save the health of the rest of the smile. Loftin Dental Center coordinates your care with a partnered dentist in order to provide an effective extraction for these teeth. Our partner is able to remove an impacted tooth before it can cause any significant harm to your oral health, and we will monitor your healing to ensure a comfortable experience.

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